Sunday, September 21, 2014


everything around us is a pointer
that shows all the answers
we just need to be able to see

until we are not ripe enough
or seeking earnestly
our vision will be clouded
Pointers by Santosh Lamichhane

there is nothing we can do
nothing we have to do

every experience is spontaneous
it is an unplanned activity
that is only in the Now

we needlessly try to analyze it
and give a meaning to it
but that is what prepares us
it is just a process we go through

some are ready some are not
but the flowering will happen
and at a point it is realized
all is not the painting or the picture
it is the constant frame that never moves

all the variations are just a dance
of the manifestations
all are a form of the one unmanifested

look closely
everything is a pointer

Sunday, June 1, 2014

घामसँग के को डर ? / Why fear the sun?

Few weeks ago, when I had gone back to Nepal, I had an opportunity to meet with Mr. Mohan Duwal. He is a well known literary figure in Nepali literature. Not only has he contributed by writing various genre of Nepali literature but he has also continuously edited and published a literary journal, Janamat, and managed a publication house, Janamat Prakashan; that have supported Nepali literature and writers. He has established literary prizes, documented works of many rare literary figures, and provided invaluable contribution to Nepali literature.

I and my dad had gone to visit him. He is a very down to earth man who has a small bookstore in his house where he spends most of his time writing, reading, and doing all the literary work.

My dad, Dr. Bharat Prasad Lamichhane and Mr. Mohan Duwal at Mr. Duwal's abode
During the meeting, I had an opportunity to ask him if I could translate one of his work. I did let him know that I am a novice in the translation field. However, he said I could try with one of his poem Ghamsanga ke ko dar / Why fear the sun? Here it is for you:

घामसँग के को डर ?
  ---मोहन दुवाल

अविचल आफू निर्वस्त्र नाङ्गिएर
सधैं-सधैं आफूलाई देखाइरहने
निश्चल निश्चल भएर आफैं पोखिएर
अरूलाई जीवनरङ्ग छार्किरहने
ढाँटछल नजानेका निस्वार्थ मनसँग
माया साट्न खोजिरहने
लोभ के हो, थाहापत्तो नभएका उनी
बाँड्न रुचाउँछन् उज्याला आभाहरू
त्यसैले त सबैका लागि उनि प्रिय छन्
सबैक लागि सहारा पनि त हुन् |

युगौंयुगसम्म गर्दै आइरहेका
आफ्ना सेवा-मर्महरू भट्किन नदिन

जीवनको जग भत्किन नदिन
आफूजस्तै खोजिरहेछन उनी सधैंभरि
जहाँ पुगे पनि, जता लागे पनि
जसरि भए पनि  फैलाइरहन खोज्छन आभाहरू
निरन्तर निरन्तर फुलाइरहन्छन्
सधैं सधैं  फैलाइरहन्छन् स्पर्शहरू
जीवन मर्म-मर्ममा प्रियहरू खोज्दै
आफू दुखेर अरुलाई अमृत बाँड्ने उनी
धरतीभरि, जीवनभरि सबै-सबैलाई
मोहनी बाँड्न पाउँदा
खुशी रहन्छन् उनी |

पातहरूमा, फूलहरूमा, डाँठहरूमा
जराहरूमा, हाँगाहरूमा जहाँ पनि पुग्ने उनी
जीवहरूकै अस्तित्वमा अस्तित्वकै घाम भएर
चम्किन खोज्ने उनी
कति शालीन, कति भद्र, कसैलाई बिगार्न नजानेका
तर अरूलाई दिइरहने उनी
थाक्न नजानेर त होला
धरतीभरिभरि पोखिन सिपालु छन् |

दुस्मनी गर्दैनन् कहिल्यै उनी
कसैले इर्ष्या पनि गरेको थाहा छैन मलाई
आफू छर्किएर अरुलाई उज्यालो बाँड्न तल्लीन उनी
म त सधैं-सधैं मनमा घामजस्तै उनलाई
मनमा राख्न रुचाइरहेछु |

जसले अरूलाई दिन्छ मात्र, केही लिन जान्दैन
उससँग केको डर ?
जसले सबैलाई माया मात्र बाँड्छ, केही माग्दैन
उनीसँग के को डर ?
जो प्रकाश भएर फजिंरहन्छ धरतीभरि
जो हाँसिरहन्छ हाँसो भएर सबैतिर भरिभरि
ऊसँग केको डर ?

घाम पनि त उनीजस्तै छन्
उनी पनि त घाम जस्तै छन्
उनीसँग के को डर ?
घामसँग के को डर ?

Why fear the sun?

---Mohan Duwal

Being motionless, clothless, bare-skinned
it always exhibits itself
Firm and stationary but always dripping
it sprays others the color of life
Unaware of deception, with a selfless heart
it always seeks to exchange love
Unfamiliar with greed
it likes to disseminate shiny sparkles
So, it is liked by all
It is also a lifeline for all

To prevent going astray
its core motto to serve
To prevent crumbling down of
the foundation of life
It is always in search of its own kind
Wherever it goes, wherever it reaches
It tries to spread the shine
It continuously makes things bloom
It always scatters touch
In every phase of life,
it finds beings to love
Even in agony,
it offers ambrosia to others
In the whole earth, lifelong
it takes pleasure in sharing enamoring affection

It reaches everywhere
leaves, flowers, branches, stems, roots
It tries to glow as the existence of beings
Calm, gentle, and innocuous
it is always benevolent and generous
It always pours itself onto the earth,
perhaps, it does not know exhaustion

Never known for animosity towards anyone
I do not know anyone being jealous of it as well
It is always busy spreading itself and distributing light
Oh, I want to keep someone like sun
always in my mind

Who always gives only,
does not know to take back,
why fear such a thing?
Who only shares love with everyone,
never asks back,
why fear such a thing?
Who disperses brightness everywhere on the earth
Who fills and delights everything with a smile
Why fear such a thing?

Someone too is like the sun
The sun too is like someone
Why fear that someone?
Why fear the sun?

(translation by Santosh Lamichhane)

Tuesday, April 8, 2014

नसोध मलाई, आज किन होशमा छौ ?

माया बाँधिनुअघि विश्वासको डोरी फुकेछ
मैले पत्र लेखेपछि उनको कलमको मसी सुकेछ

उनलाई जित्न हरथोक हारेथें
परिबन्धले उनकोसामु पनि शिर झुकेछ

साँचो प्रेम ढाकिदैन भन्थे
तर साक्षी बस्ने समयनै कतै लुकेछ

समाजको नियम पनि कस्तो, सपनामा
मेरो लाश छुन पनि उनको हात रुकेछ

नसोध मलाई आज किन होशमा छौ
साथ दिने मदिरा पनि आजै चुकेछ

Thursday, April 3, 2014

Some Sentimental Songs I like

What would we do without music? Although not everyday, very often I indulge myself in music of various mood, melodies, and genres. I grew up in Nepal, so naturally I love many Nepali songs. I also grew up watching Bollywood movies and liking songs from them. Growing up in a very eclectic mix of population in Kathmandu, I also listened to American and British music through influence of some of my peers. With that and my living in the U.S. for more than a decade, I have developed a penchant for English songs too.

Today I was listening to one of the modern Nepali songs by Deepak Kharel (बादल बनाईदेऊ / Turn me into a cloud). It is a very sentimental song. I love everything about the song, the music, the voice, and the lyrics. Although, translation is not my forte, I have tried to translate it into English. Lyrics and the the song is below.

बादल बनाईदेऊ / Turn me into a cloud


बादल बनाईदेऊ आकार बदल्न सकूँ Turn me into a cloud so I can change forms
क्षमता दिलाईदेऊ जिउँदै म जल्न सकूँ Make me able so I can burn myself alive
जाऊँ कसरी जाऊँ आफ्नै लाशको मलामी How can I go to funeral of my own corpse
चूपचाप सहूँ कसरी आफ्नै बदनामी How can I silently tolerate my own defamation
सस्तो बनाईदेऊ बजारमा चल्न सकूँ Make me cheap so I can sell out in the market
क्षमता दिलाईदेऊ जिउँदै म जल्न सकूँ Make me able so I can burn myself alive
फेरि चलाऊ गोली घाइते बनाई नराख Shoot me once more do not keep me wounded
चितामै जल्न देऊ चिन्तामा जलाई नराख Let me burn in pyre rather than keep burning in anxiety
लाजहीन बनाईदेऊ सडकमा ढल्न सकूँ Make me shameless so I can lay myself down on the street
क्षमता दिलाई देऊ जिउँदै म जल्न सकूँ Make me able so I can burn myself alive

Well that is one of many sentimental songs I like. Today I was curious about the sentimental songs that would come to my mind if I try to enumerate them. I am not trying to rank them or anything as I may not have listened to many good songs. But I am going share what I came up with. Here are a few other sentimental songs that I have enjoyed listening to:

Nepali Songs


Timi jun raharle ma ma phulna aayau by Narayan Gopal

Ma ta door dekhi aayen by Deep Shrestha

Sajhako jun sangai by Arun Thapa

Sapana bhulai sara by Yogesh Baidhya, composition by music maestro Natikaji

Ritto sadak ma khojchhu by Pratibimba



Bollywood Songs


Chingari koi bhadke from the movie Amar Prem


Tere liye from the movie Veer Zara


Khijaki phool se from te movie Do Raste


Tadap tadap ke is dil se from the movie Hum Dil De Chuke Sanam


Aab naam mohobat ka from the movie Ghulam


English Songs


Like a stone by Audioslave 


Fade to black by Metallica 


Dust in the wind by Kansas 


Tears in heaven by Eric Clapton


Yesterday by the Beatles (Can any discussion of music be complete without a mention of the Beatles?)

That is all for today. I will post happy/romantic/love songs some other time. Also, I would be curious to know some of your favorite sentimental songs. 

Wednesday, April 2, 2014

आजकल केही मान्छे / Nowadays Some People

आजकल केही मान्छे रातझैँ Nowadays some people have become
सुनसान अनि कालो भएका छन्  dark like a silent night
छोपिएको तिरस्कृत बस्तुझैँ They have turned into cobweb
माकुराको जालो भएका छन्  like a hidden and neglected object
आफ्नै वजनले थिचिएर Crushed by their own burden
लुलो भएका छन्  they have become frail
माटोबाट टुक्राटुक्राभई अलग्गिएको Like dust separated from ground and shattered into pieces
सबले कुल्चने धुलो भएका छन्  they get trampled by everyone
फुललाई च्यातेर हजार पल्ट Tearing flowers thousands of times
ढुँगालाई पुज्ने भएका छन्  they offer prayers to stone
यथार्थबाट बेदखल सिद्धान्तमा In theories detached from reality
हरदम रुझ्ने भएका छन्  they keep themselves drenched
आजकल केही मान्छे सोचको काखा Nowadays some people have become intimate with thoughts
तर मुटुको पाखा भएका छन् but unfriendly with heart
आफुले आफैलाई नदेख्ने They have become a clueless eye
निर्बोध आँखा भएका छन् that does not see itself

Sunday, March 30, 2014

तिम्रो धड्कनको तालसँग

तिम्रो धड्कनको तालसँग सास फेर्न चाहन्छु
अँगालोमा तिमीलाई हरपल बेर्न चाहन्छु

अतीत र भविष्य बिर्सी, खुसी छौं मिलनमा
यो पललाई वर्तमानले मात्र घेर्न चाहन्छु

समाजले उल्फत गरेर के भो? तिमी त मेरो साँचो प्रेम
तिम्रोलागि सिर्फ मनको कुरा टेर्न चाहन्छु

तिमीसँगको एक पल पनि मेरो ठुलो प्राप्ति
हजार समस्या र चुनौती मस्तिष्कबाट केर्न चाहन्छु

बिर्सेर आज हरथोक, बिपनामै
सपना र कल्पनाका कुरा हेर्न चाहन्छु

Tuesday, March 25, 2014

अलग जिन्दगीको खोजीमा

अलग जिन्दगीको खोजीमा अमुल्य जीवन मासिन्छ
रङ्गीन सपनाका पछि लाग्दा बिपनाका रङ्ग नासिन्छ

साना सयौं खुसीहरू महत्वकांछाले मार्दछ
भोली-भोली सुत्रले जोबनका रहर टार्दछ

रित्तिएर के भो? रित्तोले त नयाँपन भर्न सक्छ
थुपार्ने मात्र गर्छु भन्दा भोग गर्ने अरुनै पर्न सक्छ

अन्त्य राम्रो भएनी को भो? सुरुवात नभएपछि
उपहार पाउनुको के अर्थ भो ? स्वीकार्न नगएपछि

अलग जिन्दगीको खोजीमा अमुल्य जीवन मासिन्छ
रङ्गीन सपनाका पछि लाग्दा बिपनाका रङ्ग नासिन्छ